Electric  Bike Tours  City  Yogyakarta    

much more than that you walk by your sel  

See Yogyakarta Inside the small streets


* See the local live        

* Hear the sounds,     

* smell the scents     

* Meet the friendly Yogya people

* We stop any moment you like.      

* It is your "Private Tour"           

*  To meet with real City


On the Electric Bikes,    

We go silently through the narrow streets

With a pleasant speed of 12 km. 

Simple for everyone, sit,             

Watch and drive automatically            

 Try it, relax 

But also a lot of fun.

You come to places where hardly anyone comes   

Because you are an   E-bike cyclist!

We have; 

Morning Tours  ( about 4 h. our more )      

Afternoon tours.  ( about 4 h. our more)

All our tours are private!!   (min. 2 person, max.  4 person)

Just you an our very motivate student guide!